Fun Frugal Find

I LOVE FINDING DEALS. It’s the thrill of the hunt and all the random treasures that you may (or may not) find that draws me in. My favorite thrift store on the island is the Hickam Thrift Store on base due to the constantly new stock, well laid out merchandise, friendly spouse volunteers and GREAT prices! Plus, 100% of the profits go towards charities on island via the Officer’s Spouses Club who runs the thrift store. Since it’s only open M, W, F, Sat (and today’s Thursday…) my mom and I decided to visit 3 other ones today. Visiting THREE was completely by chance since they were all within such a close radius of each other – we simply happened upon two of them while looking for the Goodwill! First up, Salvation Army…..nothing enticing. 2nd stop, Savers…..too expensive and not much stock anyways. Last stop, Goodwill! This was by far the smallest of the three but the one we spent the most time at! The kids and I ventured to the back “kid” area where they had all sorts of goodies while my mom went off to browse at everything else. Kids were in love with all the fun toys and SO well occupied.  I was able to browse through a great selection of baby clothes – all heaped together in a baby crib – and all pieces were 12 for $5. How can you NOT resist that?!  Found some adorable name brand like-new pieces (12 pieces to make use of that amazing $5 deal) AND the kids benefitted from their own amazing deal:

From this cute little seemingly inconspicuous toy kitchen container thing: kitchen 1  kitchen 2

This is what was inside the “container” box thing….kids helped me wash everything:    kitchen 3

And THIS was the end result! All washed, assembled, and ready to play with:
kitchen 4  kitchen 5

I originally just thought it was a container w/ a few play kitchen items in it (since it was completely taped shut – and Milo just LOOOOVES kitchen things, so I was already sold, but once home and assembled, WOW! And did you see that $2.99 price tag on it?!  Yes, this is what I would call a Fun Frugal Find!

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