Go Green

Support Local. Those 2 words seem so simple yet mean so much. Whether it’s purchasing gifts at local craft fairs, or supporting local farmers via Farmer’s Markets. I love being able to exchange cash one-on-one with the person who made the item I’m buying or grew the  produce I’m about the eat.  PLUS, in terms of Farmer’s Markets, the freshness is unparalleled!

Whenever I visit my parents on the weekend, I always try to swing by the local Hawaii Kai Farmer’s Market. Held in the Koko Head Elementary School field, it’s quaint and friendly, and I can always find reasonably priced, locally grown, Organic and/or non-GMO produce.  From fresh-cut tropical flowers to hand-made Kiawe fired pizza, to tropical fruits, to hydroponically grown greens, there’s really something for everyone. There’s even a supervised kids craft area in the middle where you can drop your kids off so you’re able to shop uninterrupted!


For the past couple of weeks – I’ve been eyeing this booth that makes fresh “green” juice on the spot. I was always either in a rush or had both kids with me and hands full of produce – so I just hadn’t got around to stopping there until last weekend.  After trying a sample (samples are KEY people!) I fell in LOOOOOVE.

1   2

The only thing they make and sell are these green drinks – $5 for a cup or $9 for a jug ($1 off if you re-use your jug the following week) and there’s ALWAYS a line – showing just how popular and in demand these drinks are!  Always wanting to get my money’s worth 😉 and knowing that I already loved the flavor from my free sample, I opted for the 32oz jug and yes, within 2 days finished it all 🙂 The taste is sweet, minty, and fresh. Definitely doesn’t taste like grass as one would be lead to believe from the rich green color and thickness. What drew me into this booth was the fact that they grow all of their own ingredients (w/ the exception of the organic mango pieces) and show you their growing process through pictures. It’s always comforting being able to see this process and know where your food (or drinks) are coming from.  Just look at all these greens that go into every drink!

3   4

I can now rest easy tonight knowing that baby and I are getting all our daily required fruits and veggies.  I challenge you to “Go Green” (or at least try it once). It’s not as scary as it seems, tastes fresh and clean, and your body will thank you for it. :o)

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