Operation: Surprise the heck out of your wife and kids!

A few days back, I was approached by a good friend, Malika (Dudley) Judd (who used to be a weather reporter for a local Hawaii news station) on doing a brief morning news interview about life as a spouse of a deployed service member.  My immediate thought was honestly that there were so many other spouses out there – why me?! But of course I was happy to do it and felt so touched that she thought of me of all people!

Fast forward to yesterday, Jan 14th 2014 (Tuesday). We all woke up early for the 8:10am interview – kids were groggy – I was nervous as heck….I mean how often are you on TV?! Here’s the kids and my mom (helping me with the kids) in the waiting room:


I wasn’t given any “talking points” for the interview so went into it completely clueless. Hopefully my answers to Steve Uyehara’s questions didn’t seem too random or strewn together!….remember….NERVES! Well…..I’ll stop trying to “explain” the interview and let the video speak for itself (click below):

Deployment surprise!

COMPLETE SHOCK!!!  I didn’t fully break down but I cried many, many smiley happy tears yesterday! Kids have been ALL OVER THEIR DADDY!

2  4

And I feel SO incredibly blessed that we’re whole again…

3 5

Dearest Baby “M”…once we get a few more days of family bonding time in, and take Milo and Maya to the water park, you have permission to come! (Due Date in 9 days and counting!)

2 thoughts on “Operation: Surprise the heck out of your wife and kids!

  1. Amber, This is truly wonderful! What a great memory for you and your babies. We all miss you guys in Panama City. Love,
    Mavis Caldwell

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