Budget-friendly (pregnancy) fitness attire

Baby. There’s so many thoughts that go through your head once you know you’re pregnant and a BABY is coming! Joy, excitement, anticipation, dreams….finances…..  WELL, I could go on and on about baby talk, but let’s narrow it down and focus on clothes. Specifically – pregnancy WORKOUT clothes.

Just because you’re pregnant and fall into the “maternity” category doesn’t mean you have to “spend” like you’re shopping in the maternity section!  During all three pregnancies, I avoided maternity stores because, let’s face it….they’re EXPENSIVE.  And forget trying to even find “maternity workout clothes.” Do those even exist? Well, these were my pregnancy workout attire criteria:
1) Comfort – would comfortably stretch to “grow” with my body
2) Fully cover Belly – I didn’t want the dreaded under belly mid-drift action
3) Functionality – needed to be able to workout in them
4) Cute – not all “pregnancy appropriate” clothes are created equal…I wanted basics that served their purpose but looked good too…
5) Longevity – needed to be able to wear after baby came too
6) COST! – did I mention we love Dave Ramsey and are on a budget?

It took some searching, price/sale watching, creativity, and thinking outside the box, but I was finally able to narrow down a ton of cute, inexpensive, comfortable clothes that function pre pregnancy, during pregnancy, after pregnancy, etc. These are all “normal” clothes (NOT maternity clothes). I honestly feel like once the word “maternity” is added to a clothing label, the price goes up 3x’s…  I purchased these all either in my regular size or in a size up. They all have stretch, and were all $12 or less per piece. Watch the video below to find out where I got my fully stocked stash of pregnancy workout attire. I’ll just go and pat myself on the back now 🙂

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