Honest after-baby insights

Little Monroe is now just 1 day shy of making 3 weeks old. It’s amazing just how quickly she’s growing!  Since I’ve gone through this a couple times before, I figure it may be insightful to some to share some of the things I’ve picked up along the way – things people don’t necessarily tell you – after you have your baby.  Watch the video below for my “Honest after-baby insights.” 🙂

I forgot to mention in the video – another thing that “most” people don’t tell you is that when you have a breastfed baby, it’s not uncommon for them to go up to TEN days without pooping!! WHOA.  With Milo, I was so concerned that I kept calling his pediatrician. Well, after about 7 days….explosion.  Maya was the same way but I think she made it to 11 days?  So far Monroe’s stretch has been 5 days.  The pediatrician said that when babies are breastfed, their bodies absorb almost ALL nutrients, so there’s just not much poop leftover that needs to come out. If they’re having enough wet diapers, then they’re not concerned too much…as long as their poo is liquidy whenever it “does” come out. Sorry if this is TMI, but a mustard consistency is what I’m familiar with, lol.  I ALWAYS try to be prepared and pack an extra outfit in my diaper bag just in case though as the days between poopy diapers increases….you never know when that explosion day is going to come! 😉

Here’s your pic fix of Miss Monroe…such a sleeping angel!


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