One man’s trash…

You know that saying “one man’s  trash is another man’s treasure”? Well….I LOVE finding treasures!  This past weekend, we participated in the MWR Richardson Field Super Garage Sale.  It’s held quarterly on a huge field right across from Aloha Stadium (next to Pearl Harbor). You have to be military to have a booth there, (and it costs about $20 if I remember correctly…all of which goes to supporting the MWR) but anyone can come to shop.

Usually, there’s close to 100 booths (guestimating) but due to a rainy week and overcast morning, not a whole lot of people showed up to sell – perhaps closer to 75? Regardless, rain or shine, LOTS of people came to buy!  In the hectic-ness of trying to set our garage sale booth up and take care of Monroe, I missed taking a picture of the 8am opening mad rush of shoppers, craaaaazyness! but here’s a pic to get the general feel of the sale set-up (the field was set up with about 3-4 long rows with booths on both sides).


Our booth was filled with random things we found around the house and LOTS of clothes! Man, you never realize exactly how much clothes you have until you start going through it all…  It seemed like every weekend in the month leading up to the Garage Sale, I would take 15-20 mins and sort through my dresser and closet – pulling more and more pieces to sell. It’s hard to part with some items, but I figured if I hadn’t worn it in the past year or two (probably closer to two, since I was pregnant this past year…lol) it was doing no good sitting in the closet and would serve a better purpose bringing in a couple bucks!  With that mindset, purging the closet became SO much easier!  We ended up with a 1/2 filled mini van of odds and ends – LOTS of clothes, toys, kids clothes, shoes, backpacks, books, etc.

Here’s our “booth” 2 hours into the 4 hour sale:

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

We’d already been mostly cleared out so the pics don’t do it justice…but you get the idea 🙂  Monroe was a champ too…she was so content the entire time:


When everything was said and done, just from selling our knick knacks and things we weren’t using around the house, we ended up making over $300 profit! WOW. Just goes to show – one man’s trash…

But aside from selling, I loved getting to walk around and browse at all the other booths too (while Marv held down the fort back at our booth).  I wasn’t really in the “buying” mood but I did happen to find this gem at the Girl Scout’s booth – they were fundraising for a Troop trip to Alaska.

unnamed-4  unnamed-5

How much? $1! Yes, that’s right, ONE DOLLAR!  Kids LOVE their new pop up bus play house thing and have been using it daily since. While getting rid of our “trash”….I was able to pick up this “treasure.” Ah, I just LOVE finding deals! 😉



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