Not just your ordinary cupcake tin…

About a year ago, at a yard sale, I stumbled across a plain old cupcake tin.  Nothing special to it,  just a regular cupcake pan.  In addition to finding DEALS, I also love to repurpose items!  I quickly envisioned a finger paint holder! (at the time my kids were 1 and 2.5 years old).  Since I was already getting some other toys and books for the kids, I was able to get this beauty thrown in for FREE. Can’t pass on free!  This got packed away as we moved from one house to another – and just recently got pulled out again.  Picking up some inexpensive washable paints from WalMart – this FREE cupcake tin hence became an amazing paint holder!
unnamed-2   unnamed

A cupcake tin, by design, is already segmented – so none of the paint colors get mixed up.  It’s easy for my kids to distinguish which color they want to use, it’s mess free, and increasingly more important —-> re-usable! (vs. having to throw out a paper plate with all the paints on it, etc) Just wash and store until next time!  My 2 year old LOVE painting and this makes it super easy for us both 🙂

unnamed-4   unnamed-1

I mean… just look at her go!


Aaaand, the finished product. Her favorite part is helping me hang it up on their artwork wall.


Another great paint holder would be egg cartons. (Don’t forget to recycle them once you get your painting fix out of them!) Having fun doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg…it just takes some creativity and thinking outside the box!

Now, until my next yard sale find….. 😉

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