Experiment away!

SO… I love experimenting. Whether it’s looking up a pinterest project, YouTube-ing how to make a certain “thing” (food, DIY, etc), or just flying by the seat of my pants <—-which usually turns out in failure…..I just love experimenting.

The joy of experimenting is being able to create something that you perhaps never thought you could do before.  For example, making our Halloween costumes for the past 3 years with a little craftiness and LOTS of trial and error after not having sewn since junior school – we were a family of skeletons (Maya was in my tummy), the Flintstones the next year, and Superheroes (Marv was deployed for the superheroes, but Monroe was in my tummy) this most recent year:
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Aside from those joys of experimenting, some of the lows are using up your time, money (ingredients/fabric/crafting items, etc), and brain power and sometimes having something not-so-good to show for it. For example – these “cookies” I made yesterday:
Now, I must say, they look pretty darn tasty in this pic. Little do you know though, that these “cookies” were actually dry, crumbly little biscuit tasting things with pieces of chocolate chips in them (the saving grace of it all).  You see, I’ve never baked with coconut flour before. Yes, my bad for not having researched it more beforehand. I just figured that it’d be a good, tasty alternative to regular baking flour but boy was I wrong about that! I followed the recipe to a T, making sure I checked and double checked that I didn’t leave anything out, but nope, what should have been a nice gooey cookie batter was a dry crumbly mess. Darn coconut flour…..  I thought perhaps I could salvage it so I used my hands and balled these babies up, placed them on the cookie sheet and baked them. By golly the oven was already hot and ready to go so I was going to give it every chance of turning out that I could. Nope, dry cookie biscuits are what I got. My thoughts on this flour-swap-out-experiement = Epic Failure. Kids thoughts = yummy chocolate chip cookie biscuits! (they each got seconds) Yes they were crumbly and dry, but overall, the taste wasn’t all that bad…not good enough for me to save the leftovers though- it hurt to throw away all those used up, wasted chocolate chips 😦  BUT, lesson learned. So for everyone out there who’s reading this….do your research on coconut flour beforehand, find a coconut flour specific recipe, make sure lots of liquid/moisture is involved (since the flour apparently soaks it all up) and bake on!

So, basically, that’s my long winded way of saying experimenting can yield some great results but along the way, you’ll have lots of flops (as I just described above). But you know what? That’s what makes everything so exciting!  Marv will be the first to tell you that (especially in the kitchen) I’m either a hit or a miss:
– Basil pesto with pine nuts = miss.
– Chinese 5 spice slow cooker chicken = miss.
– Made from scratch cinnamon bread (the first 3 times) = miss
– Graham crackers (again w/ coconut flour) = miss
* Homemade organic chicken nuggets = HIT!
I love experimenting (poor Marv), because I know that eventually, I will hit that jackpot, and reap the joy of having created something exceptional! Whether it be the satisfaction from being able to make our own Halloween Costumes (just wait til you see our costumes this year…. 😉 ) or the satisfaction from finally cooking/baking something yummy for us ALL to enjoy. It WILL happen eventually!

The same goes for life. For every negative experience in life that you go through, that just means you’re one step closer to experiencing something positive. Never give up. Never lose hope. Just imagine what’s waiting for you right around the next corner……. If you give up now or stop trying, you’ll never get there.


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