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Ever since I was pregnant with Monroe, my skin has gone haywire.  My skin was fine with Milo and Maya, but Monroe….WHOLE other story.  It’s like the moment I got pregnant with her, all the extra hormones in my body decided to have a party…on my face…particularly my right cheek. I know, I know….you probably don’t want to hear about my bad skin, BUT I’ve already started to see a change in my skin and therefore wanted to introduce the products I’m using through a mini product review! 😉

I myself love reading product reviews and after having tried various skincare products (none of which unfortunately have worked on me…) I’m excited to share a review about something that HAS started to make a difference so far. (I’m only a week in though) SO, here goes…

For starters, WHY did I decide to try out Derm Exclusive? Well, obviously as stated above, my skin was SCREAMING at me for some relief! After trying other products with little to no success, and after having heard great reviews about Derm Exclusive, I decided it was finally time to give it a go. PLUS, truthfully, I’m a Beachbody Coach and I like to try out as many Beachbody products as possible so I can assist people accordingly.  Not trying to hide that fact here!  Rest assured though, since I’m still only 1 week in, I will give a TRUTHFUL follow-up review one way or the other with how this product is working out for me somewhere down the road!

WHAT: About a week ago, this came in the mail:


I ordered the Derm Exclusive Ultimate Kit which included a 7 piece, 90-day skincare supply (plus a FREE zippered storage bag).  Specifically, this is what all came with the kit:

1) Facial Cleanser
2) Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads (this is the circular container to the right of the pic…the pads come wrapped in 3 packs of 15 to maintain their freshness and are in the left big square looking package)
3) Intensive Repair Serum
4) Collagen Lift
5) Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment (x2)
6) Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 24
7) Volume Lip Therapy SPF 15
8) Free zippered bag

Diving a little further in…here’s my thoughts on each of these products 🙂
1) Facial Cleanser – I LOVE waking up and going to bed with a clean face.  I’ve tried other products in the past that leave my skin either feeling too dry, or just don’t feel like it’s doing much of anything at all. This cleanser has a faint citrusy smell that is invigorating and refreshing while you’re washing your face but won’t linger on much after that so you’re not stuck smelling like oranges all day.  It leave my skin feeling fresh and bright. Directions recommended a quarter size amount, but I just use a gentle squeeze (large pea) portion and that suits my needs perfectly. Rubs on like a lotion vs foaming up a great deal, and rinses off easily.
2) Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads – These are FUN for me to use! It’s recommended to use these 2-3 X’s a week and for me it’s like getting a mini 1 min spa treatment in the comfort of my own bathroom. The purpose of these pads is to exfoliate dead skin cells and shrink the appearance of pores. The pads themselves are “scratchy” for lack of a better word but in a revitalizing way. I can almost feel my skin breathing again after each “treatment.”
3) Intensive Repair Serum  – This one comes in a small pump bottle, making it easy to portion out for use. It goes on light and is meant to help treat dark spots (which I will be prone to in the future) as well as help to even out your skin texture (like a laser treatment would). Obnoxiously, this is a non-invasive (much cheaper!) alternative to that 😉
4) Collagen Lift – This one goes on a tiny bit thicker than the Repair Serum. You use roughly the same amount as the serum but this one focuses on boosting collagen production in your skin for firmer, fuller looking skin.  I LOVE this one especially around my eyes (and under) because I feel like it makes me look (or feel at least) rested and fresh.
5) Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment – This comes in a mascara-looking tube but looks like a lip brush on the inside.  You twist up from the bottom and the liquid comes up to the “brush” area.  It’s then so simple – you brush it on to your wrinkly areas. For me, I only use this around my eyes – underneath and on the outside corners near my eye wrinkle laugh lines. Maybe it’s just my eyes, but it visibly almost instantly plumps up the skin and I feel a tingly sensation.  This is meant to replace traditional botox or filler treatments.
6) Age Defense Moisturizer (SPF 24) – Since any skin care treatment that involves exfoliation is more prone to sun sensitivity, this moisturizer includes SPF in it to skip the extra step of having to apply a separate sunscreen.  The moisturizer itself looks like a white lotion (slightly thicker than both the repair serum and the collagen lift) but goes on really smooth and light. I usually “don’t” use a daily moisturizer because I don’t like the feel of it. To me, most moisturizers leave my skin feeling oily and I just want to wash my face all day long but not with this. It soaks into your skin, hydrating it, giving you your SPF coverage, but acts matte – NOT oily.
7) Volume Lip Therapy SPF 15 – This is probably my least favorite of them all….simply because I HARDLY ever use anything on my lips other than plain old lip balm! I will say though that it leaves my lips soft, tingly and has a light glossy sheen to it. If I wore more lip product, maybe I’d feel differently about it, but in the case of being a take it or leave it decision – I’d leave it.
8) Free zippered bag – I’m sure would come in handy for travel purposes, but for the time being sits unused under my bathroom sink 🙂 Always good to know that I have it should I ever need it though.

Major take aways – I know this sounds like a LOT of product to wear on your face at once! (repair serum, collagen lift, fill & freeze, and moisturizer can all be used together, layered on top of each other) BUT, everything is surprisingly light and definitely non-oily feeling. I’ve been using these products religiously now for the past week, making it part of my morning and night-time routines (it sounds like a lot of work but really only takes 3-4 mins start to finish).  I’ve noticed that my skin feels softer and smoother <—I’m most excited about the smoothness!  My trouble areas on my face are starting to calm down and I haven’t had any dry spots anywhere. Specifically, my right cheek (that darn right cheek….) is no longer as “angry”.  Since pregnant with Monroe (who’s 6 months old now….so this has to be like a year of bad skin by now, ugh!) that right cheek started to have break outs and an area that was slightly raised and bumpy. It would get itchy but sore, sometimes dry….it just couldn’t make up its mind! And no matter what I did (mild prescription medicine from my Midwife, ordered products, drugstore products, etc) nothing changed how upset my skin was.  So……gulp……here’s my “before” pics. Truthfully, my skin doesn’t look that bad AT ALL here, but in reality my cheeks were dry, splotchy, and I would have flare ups on that right side….no flare ups in this pic tho….of course not. My skin was “almost” behaving for once…almost. I know just how angry my skin actually was is hard to translate into pics…but you’ll get the idea….

IMG_5640   IMG_5641 IMG_5639   IMG_5646

Did I make it sound worse than it was? Trust though, the feeling there was sore, itchy, raised.  Now, Derm Exclusive is targeted to offer great “anti-aging” results. Yes, I’m only 28. No, I don’t really have too many wrinkles…..YET. BUT, it can never be too early to start a preventative skincare routine, right? SO, here’s a short, veeeery impromptu video I made (before putting the kids to bed tonight) about my Derm Exclusive kit and my thoughts after 1 week of use!

Stay tuned with a follow up review a few weeks (or months even) down the road! I’m really liking this product so far. We shall see if I end up falling in LOVE 😉


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