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Strawberry Shakeology Review

The brand spankin new flavor of Shakeology – Strawberry – was released just last monday (1/13) and, after much anticipation, my order came in and I was finally able to try it today!


I usually drink my shakes with just soy milk and ice (shaken up in a Shakeology Shaker Cup), but mixed this one up with:

Р 5 ice cubes
– 15 oz ice cold water (1 serving calls for 8-12 oz liquid, but we prefer our shakes with a little more liquid and not as thick)
– 1 serving Strawberry Shakeology (whether you have a bag and you use one scoop, or use a packet like I did as shown above)
Shake, shake, shake everything up in the shaker cup and…..


…it was creamy and delicious! (this was just with water and ice mind you) I can just imagine how yummy it’ll taste with my organic soy milk ūüôā ¬†What I will add is that it’s not quite as “smooth” as the chocolate flavor. Whereas Chocolate would be 99% a smooth consistency (in my opinion), Strawberry was about 95% smooth. There seemed to be a tiny bit of ground strawberry seeds(?). Not a big enough deal to get stuck in my teeth or anything though. TOTALLY ok with all of us….my husband and I thought it made it feel more natural and authentic. Remember…Shakeology has NO artificial ingredients in it. Strictly ORGANIC.

IMG_2333   IMG_2337

Overall review from myself, husband, and 2 year old daughter = YUM! ¬†I strongly believe Strawberry would be an excellent flavor pick for the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse (since your shakes during the cleanse can only be mixed with water….and the strawberry flavor with water is still YUMMY!)

Not sure what Shakeology is? Click HERE¬†to visit my Beachbody Shakeology site for more info on it ūüôā (“What is Shakeology” post to come soon!)

Post Baby Fitness – Part 1

Hold on, YES, I’m still pregnant!

But I decided to start a video diary/blog diary of my journey to getting fit once baby gets here – STARTING with now! On this journey, I’m sure I’ll chronicle daily struggles ¬†– time management with THREE kids, energy, physical endurance, emotional struggles? etc. My goal in all this is to keep myself accountable with my ultimate end goal – as seen in my post here¬†of getting into the BEST shape of my life in 2014!

So, anyways‚Ķ’s to the beginning of this journey. Follow along with me!


So many times, I’ve been asked “What is Shakeology?” I finally figured, why not put as much detail into a post as possible so everyone can be better informed and fully understand my love for this product? Below is my ¬†list of pros and cons of Shakeology ūüôā

1. Nutrition¬†– has 23 Vitamins and Minerals, ensuring you’re getting your daily supply in!
2. Convenience Рwho has time to find/put together 70+ quality ingredients from all over the world into one simple shake? If you do, then great…if not Рreach for a Shakeology shake!  How easy is it to scoop your shake powder into a shaker cup on your way out the door? Seconds….and you have a nutritionally dense meal in your hands.
3. Quality Ingredients – mostly non-GMO and organic ingredients! Also 2 vegan options for those who don’t want lactose, soy or dairy in their diets. NO artificial ingredients including NO artificial sweeteners (i.e. sucralose) as found in most other shakes on the market.
4. Digestion – has prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrition absorption (GREAT for pregnancy digestion!)
5. Immune System – Adaptogens , antioxidants and phytonutrients (plant-sourced ingredients) help to promote strong immune systems. Since starting Shakeology 3.5 months ago, I haven’t been sick one single time!
6. Helps to reduce food cravings – I can personally vouch for this one – I used to be an ALL day and ALL night snacker. Since starting Shakeology, my snacking cravings have all virtually disappeared‚Ķ.seriously. ¬†I’m therefore able to focus on adding quality meals to my diet vs. empty calories via snacks all day long – resulting in very healthy weight gain during this 3rd pregnancy.

pinterest shakeology cost pic

I could go on and on about all the great things I LOVE about Shakeology but lets get to some cons as I’m sure some of you are thinking about some of those too:

1.¬†PRICE – yes, a month’s worth of Shakeology may lead to an initial sticker shock. At $130 for a 30-serving supply, it’s definitely not the “cheapest” thing on the market. HOWEVER, you get what you pay for, and, at roughly $4/shake (meal) this is so do-able! Compare this $4 dose of dense nutrition to a calorie filled Starbucks Frapp, or a fast food meal, or a bag of chips on the run‚Ķ.what will come out ahead in terms of health/nutrition value AND price? Sometimes those Starbucks drinks are $5+!?! ¬†Yes there’s an initial investment involved, BUT if you’re committed to putting quality ingredients into you body, you will find a way! (and your body will thank you for it) ¬†We are on a budget, but every month, we specifically set aside money to purchase enough enough Shakeology for us both. Our health and nutrition is something we will not sacrifice! We always make it work with our budget ūüôā
2.¬†The scary MLM appearance – Yes, Beachbody is, by definition, a MLM (multi-level-marketing) company. However, this company rely’s on primarily word-of-mouth marketing to get their products out there, recognized, and sampled. Who would want to sell something that they didn’t 150% believe in and live by? Beachbody encourages to “Be proof the product works.” In personally using Shakeology, I can vouch from 1st hand experience that it works – it works in boosting my immune system, energy level, reduce cravings, and make me feel all around GREAT and HEALTHY. Through my personal experience, I’m therefore more than willing to share my experience and thoughts on it through word-of-mouth.

Sometimes, as much as someone can “talk” about a product, it’s best to “watch” a short video about it. Heard of Tony Horton before? (founder of P90X, P90X2, P90X3, etc) – here’s his take on Shakeology ūüôā

Interested in more info? I can talk days on Shakeology‚Ķ.I feel it’s done so much for my personal health, nutrition, and overall well being. ¬†Leave a comment or
click here—–> ¬†¬†

Go Green

Support Local. Those 2 words seem so simple yet mean so much. Whether it’s purchasing gifts at local craft fairs, or supporting local farmers via Farmer’s Markets. I love being able to exchange cash one-on-one with the person who made the item I’m buying or grew the¬† produce I’m about the eat.¬† PLUS, in terms of Farmer’s Markets, the freshness is unparalleled!

Whenever I visit my parents on the weekend, I always try to swing by the local Hawaii Kai Farmer’s Market. Held¬†in the¬†Koko Head Elementary School field,¬†it’s quaint and friendly, and I can always find reasonably priced, locally grown,¬†Organic and/or non-GMO¬†produce.¬† From fresh-cut tropical flowers to hand-made Kiawe¬†fired pizza, to tropical fruits, to hydroponically grown greens, there’s really something for everyone. There’s even a supervised¬†kids craft¬†area in the middle¬†where you can drop your kids off¬†so you’re able to shop uninterrupted!


For the past couple of weeks – I’ve been eyeing this booth that¬†makes fresh “green” juice on the spot. I was always either in¬†a rush or had both kids with me and hands full of produce – so I just hadn’t got around to stopping there until last weekend.¬† After trying a sample (samples are KEY people!) I fell in LOOOOOVE.

1   2

The only thing they make and sell are these green drinks – $5 for a cup or $9 for a jug ($1 off if you re-use your jug the following week)¬†and there’s ALWAYS a line – showing just how popular and in demand these drinks are!¬† Always wanting to get my money’s worth ūüėČ and knowing that I already loved the flavor from my free sample, I opted for the 32oz jug and yes, within 2 days finished it all ūüôā¬†The¬†taste is sweet, minty, and fresh. Definitely doesn’t taste like grass as one would be lead to believe from the rich green color and thickness.¬†What drew me into this booth was the fact that they grow all of their own ingredients (w/ the exception of the organic mango pieces) and show you their¬†growing process¬†through pictures. It’s always comforting being able to see this process and know where your food (or drinks) are coming from.¬† Just look at all these greens that go into every drink!

3   4

I can now rest easy tonight knowing that¬†baby and I are¬†getting all¬†our daily required fruits and veggies.¬† I challenge you to “Go Green” (or at least try it once). It’s not as scary as it seems, tastes fresh and clean,¬†and your body will thank you for it. :o)

Shakeology during Pregnancy

SO, I thought it was about time to talk about Shakeology during this most recent pregnancy….being as how I’m now 9.5 months pregnant and don’t have much more “pregnant time” left!¬† I started Shakeology in my 6th month of pregnancy – looking for an extra boost for my immune system, my energy levels, and my overall health. Coming across Shakeology, I was impressed by the ingredients list (over 70 NATURAL ingredients from all over the world) and immediately approached my midwife about it. After careful review, she deemed it completely¬†safe for me to start and actually replace my prenatals with. So, I started this¬†in my 6th month and, 3.5 months later, I can tell you that I personally haven’t so much as even caught a cold since, my energy levels have increased, junk food cravings went out the window, I’ve¬†steadily gained a¬†HEALTHY amount of weight, and I feel great! I’ve had zero body swelling or bloating, my digestion is regular, and I can rest easy at night knowing that I’m getting all my daily vitamins/minerals/protein/etc from this 1 simple shake and passing on all this goodness to my baby girl!

SO, with all that being said – here’s a peek at my¬†37w5d belly. (9.5 months)

37w5d selfie

Please forgive the selfie – husband is still deployed so it’s a one-woman kinda show! But you get the idea.

Also, here’s a short video I put together today talking about my experience with Shakeology during pregnancy.

I highly recommend¬†Shakeology for anyone pregnant or nursing, or for anyone wanting to boost their nutrition in a HEALTHY way. It’s low in calories, tastes great, easy to make and drink on-the-go, curbs cravings, and all in all is your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition! I’m a believer ūüôā

Interested in finding out more? I’d love to help coach you! Go here for more info including calorie counts, nutrition info, recipes and success stories.