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…Body Fuel…


It’s been just about 4 months now since I last did the 21 Day Fix program. (You can click HERE to see my results from that Round 1) In addition to losing pounds and inches, I saw a noticeable difference in the way my clothes fit and how I felt about my body. Perhaps most importantly for my health, towards the end of the 21 Day Fix, I stopped craving my night-time snacks.  I don’t know about you but the only “alone time” I get is after the kids go to bed late at night and is my time to relax, watch Netflix, craft, and SNACK! Hurricane Popcorn, ice cream with fresh sliced bananas and chopped almonds, Hagen Daz ice cream bars, sugar cereals, chips and dip…I could go on and on. Well, towards the end of my 1st round of the 21 Day Fix, those night time cravings (for sweet, salty and crunchy snacks) seriously diminished.  With the guidance of this program, I was able to focus instead on what fuel my body “needed” – mind over matter! – and FELT great in the process! (not starved…)

Since I first completed the 21 Day Fix program (that runs for 21 days), I’ve just been enjoying being a busy mama of three (4 and under) – and truth be told, have once again indulged in one too many ice cream cones and Starbucks frappuccino’s! (<—my weakness)  Well, it’s a NEW month and I’ve decided to once again focus on my nutrition (in addition to my fitness) and begin Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix!

SO, what exactly does the 21 Day Fix  look like?


In the Challenge Pack, you get:
– 7 color-coded pre-portioned food tupperwares (for measuring out your foods)
– a detailed Eating Guide
– the complete 21 Day Fix workout program
– quick start guide
– 3 Day Quick Fix manual
– Bonus Workout (from purchasing through me)
– 25oz Shakeology shaker cup
– 1 month supply of Shakeology (<—-yummy Superfood Shake with 70+ natural ingredients)


On this program, you’ll drink Shakeology every day in addition to a wide range of clean foods. The detailed eating guide will walk you through how to figure out how many color coded containers to eat (i.e. 4 red, 3 green, 2 purple, etc) and from there, you’re given freedom with creating your own tasty meals.  However, I fully understand that sometimes, when you’re given too much leeway in creating your own meal plans, it can get quite overwhelming, SO in my Challenge Groups, I offer sample weekly meal plans in addition to posting some of the meals that I eat.  As an example, this is my favorite go-to 21 Day Fix breakfast: plain greek yogurt, fresh cut strawberries, and frozen organic blueberries. (1 red and 1 purple FIX container)


So, what is a Challenge Group? A Challenge Group is a private Facebook group where people come together with a “like” goal (complete the 21 Day Fix together) and can turn to for support, motivation, accountability, inspiration, recipes, share photos, and just CONNECT with one another. I will be posting daily (and including many of my own personal meals) and find that when people have a group like this to turn to, not only do they successfully complete the program, but they encourage others to perhaps stay more true to and involved in the program than they would’ve otherwise had the self-control to do so alone.

All you need in order to participate in my Challenge Group is the 21 Day Fix program.  Message me or click HERE if interested!

You can watch this video to learn more about what’s included in the 21 Day Fix and learn about my Challenge Group 🙂

***BONUS***  The 21 Day Fix is on SALE for the month of September! It’s just $10 more than purchasing Shakeology alone (did I mention Shakeology is the single most nutritionally dense, healthiest thing I eat/drink every single day? Worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!) And kids love it too…. 😉

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Take control of your health and fitness……YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

A New Year…

Every year, I kick off the year with a new bucket list of sorts. In the past, it’s included buying a house, adding a new member to our family, bringing in “X” amount of income, paying cash for the 1st time for a car… We always try to add “stretch” goals for us – but goals nonetheless that are still achievable.

Well, as we welcome 2014, I’d like to list a few of my 2014 goals here – you know – for accountability!…. :
1.  Get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!
2. Focus on living a more healthy, organic, non-GMO lifestyle
3.  Successfully start Homeschooling my 3.5 year old (and his tag along 2 year old sister)
4. Make it a point to go on at least one FABULOUS all day field trip outing with the kiddos per month
5.  Become a master gardener
6.  Participate in more craft fairs – promoting my hand sewn embellished fabric hats and painstakingly assembled fabric wreaths 🙂
7.  Become a DIAMOND coach with Team Beachbody!
8. Earn enough through my part-time (at home) jobs to significantly contribute to our mortgage (we’re talking be able to contribute 20-25% towards our mortgage….a big, SCARY amount! remember….we live in Hawaii where housing prices are Out.Of.Control.)

There, I’ve put those out for the world to see.  T minus 11.5 more months – so time’s a tickin!  First off though: welcome baby “M” into this world (I’m 37w3d today…eeek!), so I can get a start on goal #1 on my list – “Get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!”

Here’s to a healthy, happy, productive, blessed, and FUN 2014!