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Brazil Butt Lift FINAL REVIEW!

So, I’ve just spent the last few weeks completing the 4 week Brazil Butt Lift fitness program! (well, it got stretched closer to 5.5-6 weeks due to being sick then having a wisdom tooth pulled and not wanting to do any type of exercise for a few days….) But, regardless of how long it took me to do, I can finally check that one off and say it’s COMPLETE!  So, my review:

When I first started this program, I was 2.5 weeks post partum.  Here are my before pics:

IMG_2710 IMG_2711  IMG_2712

* Disclaimer —–> after I have a kid (going on my 3rd now), I typically  very quickly lose almost all of my baby weight, then gain back some of it where I plateau out during the duration of my nursing. I’m sure it has something to do with hormones? In any case these pictures were taken after that quick after-birth weight loss.  My thighs were jiggly, my tummy was squishy, I had no stamina going up and down stairs…basically I was starting from ground zero.

SO, I started my Brazil Butt Lift program.  Basically, it consists of 5 workouts (Bum Bum, High & Tight, Sculpt, Cardio Axe, and Tummy Tuck) that are rotated in a specific order in order to get your desired results. There are 4 workout plans to choose from (each being 4 weeks long). These include Lift & Shape (for flat bottoms), Slim & Shape (for pear shaped bottoms), Slim & Lift (for “too big” bottoms), and Combination – the classic solution. I chose to do the Combination workout.  And man, that first workout was intense! (it was a combo of Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck) I remember I had to stop half way through to nurse Monroe who was crying (she was just about 2.5-3 weeks old at the time)


Luckily it was a weekend and Marv was there to help watch the other 2 who eventually got in on the action with me, lol 🙂


During that first workout, my squats were barely squats – thighs were BURNING – and my muscles were so tight, it hurt to stretch:

IMG_2648  IMG_2657

BUT, it got easier with every passing day. My squats got deeper, my stamina increased, balance improved – I started having fun with it.

IMG_2758  IMG_2760 IMG_2765  IMG_2805 IMG_2841  IMG_3054

I must admit though that there were 2 particular workouts that were not my “favorites” – Bum Bum and Sculpt. Bum Bum because it WORKS YOU! That one is no joke and you work hard from the moment it starts.  But, those types of workouts are there to get you going so you can see results, so even if I didn’t necessarily “like” it, because it was hard, I knew it was getting me to my goal of that “Brazil Butt”!  I didn’t much care for Sculpt because it was 50 mins long.  Something about my mind knowing that it was 50 mins long made it draaaaag on. But the workout itself was totally do-able and the 50 mins in reality wasn’t so bad.  Mind over matter right?

Surprisingly my favorite workout of the 5 ended up being what I initially thought was my least favorite  – Cardio Axe. This one is like teaching a dance routine.  Leandro teaches it to you in 4 segments – just like you’re slowly learning a dance and adding on more moves once you get the first ones down.  I have BAD coordination, am a horrible dancer, and to be quite honest felt like a jellyfish trying to rollerblade the first time I attempted Cardio Axe. I did NOT like it that first time. Even though I did this workout alone (with no one watching me), I was still embarrassed at how uncoordinated I looked initially! Well, to get good at anything, you need to stick with it right? By the end of this 4 week program, I looked forward to my Cardio Axe days! I had fun with the “dance” workout and no longer felt uncoordinated at all!  I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with that workout (since I hate dancing, lol) and it paid off! Having fun….while working out….and dancing?! Made the time fly by, got a good sweat going, and enjoyed myself. PLUS PLUS PLUS!

Final results from the 4 week Brazil Butt Lift program? As far as my weight goes, I GAINED 4 lbs.  Now, I know for most people, you do NOT want to hear you gained weight after completing an exercise program! Well, for my situation, I know I’ve gained a couple lbs from my weight stabling out while continuing to nurse Monroe, but I also am POSITIVE that I’ve gained a couple lbs in muscle! My thighs are firming up and not so jiggly, my stomach (although it still has a layer of jiggle and loose skin on top) is getting firmer underneath, and my clothes are fitting better.  Although I may not be so confident going to the beach in a bikini just yet, I know I’m well on my way thanks to this Brazil Butt Lift workout giving me a jumpstart to getting my body in gear post baby Monroe!  SO…….here are my “after” pics. You may not see a huge difference from my “before” pics, but again, “jiggle” doesn’t translate in pics, and I’ve lost lots of that! Also, it’s probably hard to see in the pics, but I think my tush has some “pop” to it now, 😉 ALWAYS a good thing…..

unnamed-1  unnamed unnamed-2

Now, I know what you’re thinking, how do I get on this program! …. 😉 Am I right?!? lol…  The Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack is $140. This Challenge Pack will include the complete Brazil Butt Lift workout, a yellow stretch band that’s used in some of the workouts, a body tape measurer, eating plan, AND a month of Shakeology (shakeology alone will run you $130, so you’re basically getting this whole workout for just $10 more!).  I AM A FAN and fully endorse the Brazil Butt Lift program coming from this mama who just completed it and SAW first hand results! (Even Marv mentioned that my clothes now fit better)  You can click HERE for more info on the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack. Feel free to also comment below or FB private message me for more info!


Post Baby Fitness – Part 3

Today is February 27th, 2014. Which means, little Miss Monroe Eve is officially ONE MONTH OLD!! She’s already getting so big – growing up before my very eyes – it’s going by too fast! Man, I love her…


Anyways, onto the Fitness! Today makes 1 month since I gave birth to Monroe. From the 2.5 week postpartum mark, I’ve been slowly testing my feet in the exercise world (with the prior approval of my midwife since I had an uncomplicated delivery).  I started with a couple T25 workouts alongside my husband but quickly determined that those were a bit too hardcore for my post baby “intro” workout. I therefore transitioned into the Brazil Butt Lift workout with trainer Leandro Carvalho.  Now, this guy knows his butt exercises, lol.  He trains supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio, so I TRUST his moves!

I’ve been on this workout program now for about 1.5 weeks and so far am loving it! My core feels tighter, my thighs feel less “jiggly”, and I feel my tush is firming up. (jeans are fitting more comfortably!) Now, I fully know it’s only been 1.5 weeks, but I am definitely starting to feel a change!  Watch my video below for more of my Post Baby Fitness story firsthand 🙂

Now, as far as how my workout time management is coming – I’ve determined that late night workout sessions work best for me.  So far, I’ve done one early morning workout (when I woke up at 3:55am to nurse Monroe and couldn’t fall back asleep…) but I was so paranoid that one of the kids would wake up while I was in the garage working out – even though I had the baby monitor with me – that I found myself constantly looking at the clock and the baby video monitor.  I couldn’t “enjoy” my workout :o/  Therefore, I usually resort to late night (9-10pm) workouts while my husband is also home. Once the kids are all in bed, they usually stay put so I can get my workout and shower in without worrying. It’s what works for me so far 🙂

2.5 more weeks of the Brazil Butt Lift workout left to go – can’t wait to see/feel my results!

Beachbody Butt


One of the very first Beachbody workouts I purchased [while pregnant] was Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift.  Why you may ask? Because, being pregnant with my third child, I could only imagine that I would soon need a little “lift” afterwards.  SO, I guess you could say I was being proactive.  🙂  Also, I wanted to ease my way into an exercise program after having Monroe (nothing too high impact for me just yet please!)  But toning….toning would definitely be nice….


The Brazil Butt Lift program includes the following:
– 3 DVD set of workouts
– “Triangle Training” cards for “on the go” moves you can do
– 6 Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan (includes a daily workout and specific meal plan)
– Booty Makeover Guide  – walks you through getting started with this workout and includes a weekly exercise plan for your specific booty type (flat, pear, too big, or classic)
– Bonus 20 min Secret Weapon Workout (20 min precision toning routine)
– Fat-Burning Foods recipe book
– measuring tape
– yellow latex resistance band
– body measurement tracker

I decided to start my Brazil Butt Lift workouts at around 2.5 weeks postpartum.  I was given the ok from my midwife (before being discharged from the hospital) to start a workout program from 2 weeks postpartum as long as it didn’t involve lifting heavy weights (she was serious…apparently it’s a big thing with some moms in the military? And being as how I delivered at a military hospital…)  Rest assured, I promised – NO HEAVY LIFTING for this girl right here!

So, I began with the initial highly recommended Booty Basics workout – which really isn’t so much of a workout as it is a step-by-step video of how to do each move.  I can not stress enough how important this video has proved for me!  It helped lay the foundation for each move so that when it came up in a subsequent video, I wasn’t completely lost…I could jump right in and not look too uncoordinated.  I followed this with the “Bum Bum” workout and OH MY GOSH…is that a workout!  My little girl who was in the garage with me as I did my workout even jumped in with me 🙂

unnamed-4  unnamed-5  unnamed-7

Now, those moves may not “look” like a whole lot in a photo, but rest assured, these work some serious booty and quad muscles.  I followed this initial workout over the next few days with Bum Bum again a couple more times, High & Tight (which has a TON of squatting involved, ouch!), and the Tummy Tuck workout which focuses on your abs and is basically an entire workout on a yoga mat doing planks, leg lifts, crunches, and other muscle engaging moves. Here’s some seemingly easy yet oh-so-hard moves from my Bum Bum workout:  deep squats on your toes – heels up, and holding a squat while grabbing your calves…..I didn’t quite make that one…

unnamed-2  unnamed-3

I’m just a week in to this 4 week program but already I feel more flexible, I definitely feel the burn, especially after the Bum Bum workout, and I constantly look forward to which workout will be next (since they’re rotated and in different orders.  I still have 2 more workouts that didn’t yet come up in the week 1 rotation: Cardio Axe and Sculpt.

My overall Brazil Beach Butt review?  This may seem like an easy, laid back workout, but it is a muscle engager!  I would say it’s the perfect exercise for me to start with at this stage in my postpartum workout journey since it (so far) focuses on building your core and targeting specific muscle groups instead of cardio, jumping around,etc. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not able to do the “full” version of all of these workouts just yet, but I’m able to follow the modifier when need be and do the simplified movements just fine. (and you better believe you’ll still feel a burn with those modified moves!)  Out of the three rotated workouts that I’ve done so far (in this first week of working out), in my opinion, Bum Bum is the most “intense” one (so far). You’ll constantly feel the burn and in my case, YOU WILL SWEAT!  I aspire to build up my core and tone and tighten my booty and quads – and KNOW that this program will take me there if I stick with it!

The two negatives that I will say about this program so far is that 1) I wish the demonstrators wore more clothes – but I guess the point is to have you aspire to have their bodies….so they of course want to show of their abs/legs/etc? and 2) I  can never stop looking at this one particular demonstrator who I’m convinced is wearing a wig.  Other than those two things though, this program is GREAT so far! I think baby Monroe approves too 😉

Interested in more info on the Brazil Butt Lift workout program? Go HERE for more info!

Brazil Butt Lift?!

Nope, not talking about getting some sort of plastic surgery. 😛  I’m talking about a WORKOUT!  This was one of the very 1st workouts I purchased (via a Challenge Pack).  It included everything shown below – workout DVD’s, eating/meal guide, workout calendar, body measuring tape, and a month of Shakeology.


Today, I successfully completed my very 1st post baby workout!  I was told by my midwife, that as long as I physically felt up to it, I had her go-ahead to start exercising from 2 weeks postpartum.  (as long as I wasn’t powerlifting…she was serious about this…I delivered at a Military hospital and she said she had some serious fitness enthusiasts who push themselves too hard and start INTENSELY working out from 1-2 weeks after baby! WHOA…)  Anyways, today, I am 2.5 weeks out from having Monroe (17 days to be exact). I’ve been feeling great so I decided to begin with a fairly low impact form of exercise.  Currently, we have Focus T25, P90X3, Hip Hop Abs, TurboFire, and Brazil Butt Lift workouts.  Yes, you could say I’ve been stockpiling workouts while I was pregnant. 🙂  Out of all of those, I figured the Brazil Butt Lift workout would be the most low-impact – giving my body a little more leeway (compared to the others).  Plus, I honestly didn’t feel ready to be jumping all over the place, and sweating bullets.

Well, yes to “no jumping all over the place” but forget the “no sweating bullets” part!  I did the 20 minute Basics workout which breaks down each move for you – prepping you for your workouts to come, followed by a 35 minute Boom Boom workout (apparently what they call the booty in Brazil) and man was I dripping by the time I was done with these 2!  My thighs felt the burn, my core was kept engaged throughout, my glutes…..I can feel them starting the get “lifted” (lol….just kidding, not YET, but I definitely felt a burn there too!). I was challenged in every sense of the word throughout this entire workout. There wasn’t a whole lot of jumping (just one section of burpees for 30-45 secs or so) so this was a low impact workout in my book – but what it lacked in impact intensity, it made up for in targeted muscle engagement.

Here’s some pics that my amazing husband took….one-handed while holding baby…in our new, 1/2 complete, home gym (A.K.A. garage… 😉 ) Maya even got in on the action copying mama!  Good habits start young and we fully intend on setting a healthy example for our children:

IMG_2646 IMG_2647IMG_2657 IMG_2660

Those pics may not “seem” like a big deal, but:
1) this was my very 1st post Monroe workout
2) by the time I was done, I was sweating bullets and my legs felt like jelly
3) this is the 1st step towards getting a ‘Brazil Butt’!
4) I’m not showing all the other pics because they were blurry and I looked too awkward! lol…

I’ll be the first to admit that it takes me awhile to catch on to moves and I’m still working on my coordination, but I had so much fun with this workout!  If you’re thinking of setting up some sort of workout studio – I HIGHLY recommend trying to set up a mirror so you can watch yourself workout – I truly feel it helps with your form so you can try to correct yourself to look more like the people in the video. You don’t need a huge one like the one my husband just set up in our garage – a small one will do just fine! I know Walmart has full length mirrors starting at $7-10 – one of those would be great!


Anyways, great thing about being able to workout in the comfort of our own home now: I don’t have to waste time driving to a gym – paying for a gym membership – and finding childcare (since we have THREE kids now!), I don’t have to look awkward doing difficult coordination moves in front of anyone other than myself (in my reflection), and MOST importantly… I get to hold my baby girl in my arms again the minute I’m done… 🙂

So, did I spark your interest in trying the Brazil Butt Lift workout?!  To order or to read up more about this, click HERE . I can’t wait til tomorrow to do my next Brazil Butt Lift workout in the series!