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A New Year…

Every year, I kick off the year with a new bucket list of sorts. In the past, it’s included buying a house, adding a new member to our family, bringing in “X” amount of income, paying cash for the 1st time for a car… We always try to add “stretch” goals for us – but goals nonetheless that are still achievable.

Well, as we welcome 2014, I’d like to list a few of my 2014 goals here – you know – for accountability!…. :
1.  Get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!
2. Focus on living a more healthy, organic, non-GMO lifestyle
3.  Successfully start Homeschooling my 3.5 year old (and his tag along 2 year old sister)
4. Make it a point to go on at least one FABULOUS all day field trip outing with the kiddos per month
5.  Become a master gardener
6.  Participate in more craft fairs – promoting my hand sewn embellished fabric hats and painstakingly assembled fabric wreaths 🙂
7.  Become a DIAMOND coach with Team Beachbody!
8. Earn enough through my part-time (at home) jobs to significantly contribute to our mortgage (we’re talking be able to contribute 20-25% towards our mortgage….a big, SCARY amount! remember….we live in Hawaii where housing prices are Out.Of.Control.)

There, I’ve put those out for the world to see.  T minus 11.5 more months – so time’s a tickin!  First off though: welcome baby “M” into this world (I’m 37w3d today…eeek!), so I can get a start on goal #1 on my list – “Get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!”

Here’s to a healthy, happy, productive, blessed, and FUN 2014!