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…Body Fuel…


It’s been just about 4 months now since I last did the 21 Day Fix program. (You can click HERE to see my results from that Round 1) In addition to losing pounds and inches, I saw a noticeable difference in the way my clothes fit and how I felt about my body. Perhaps most importantly for my health, towards the end of the 21 Day Fix, I stopped craving my night-time snacks.  I don’t know about you but the only “alone time” I get is after the kids go to bed late at night and is my time to relax, watch Netflix, craft, and SNACK! Hurricane Popcorn, ice cream with fresh sliced bananas and chopped almonds, Hagen Daz ice cream bars, sugar cereals, chips and dip…I could go on and on. Well, towards the end of my 1st round of the 21 Day Fix, those night time cravings (for sweet, salty and crunchy snacks) seriously diminished.  With the guidance of this program, I was able to focus instead on what fuel my body “needed” – mind over matter! – and FELT great in the process! (not starved…)

Since I first completed the 21 Day Fix program (that runs for 21 days), I’ve just been enjoying being a busy mama of three (4 and under) – and truth be told, have once again indulged in one too many ice cream cones and Starbucks frappuccino’s! (<—my weakness)  Well, it’s a NEW month and I’ve decided to once again focus on my nutrition (in addition to my fitness) and begin Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix!

SO, what exactly does the 21 Day Fix  look like?


In the Challenge Pack, you get:
– 7 color-coded pre-portioned food tupperwares (for measuring out your foods)
– a detailed Eating Guide
– the complete 21 Day Fix workout program
– quick start guide
– 3 Day Quick Fix manual
– Bonus Workout (from purchasing through me)
– 25oz Shakeology shaker cup
– 1 month supply of Shakeology (<—-yummy Superfood Shake with 70+ natural ingredients)


On this program, you’ll drink Shakeology every day in addition to a wide range of clean foods. The detailed eating guide will walk you through how to figure out how many color coded containers to eat (i.e. 4 red, 3 green, 2 purple, etc) and from there, you’re given freedom with creating your own tasty meals.  However, I fully understand that sometimes, when you’re given too much leeway in creating your own meal plans, it can get quite overwhelming, SO in my Challenge Groups, I offer sample weekly meal plans in addition to posting some of the meals that I eat.  As an example, this is my favorite go-to 21 Day Fix breakfast: plain greek yogurt, fresh cut strawberries, and frozen organic blueberries. (1 red and 1 purple FIX container)


So, what is a Challenge Group? A Challenge Group is a private Facebook group where people come together with a “like” goal (complete the 21 Day Fix together) and can turn to for support, motivation, accountability, inspiration, recipes, share photos, and just CONNECT with one another. I will be posting daily (and including many of my own personal meals) and find that when people have a group like this to turn to, not only do they successfully complete the program, but they encourage others to perhaps stay more true to and involved in the program than they would’ve otherwise had the self-control to do so alone.

All you need in order to participate in my Challenge Group is the 21 Day Fix program.  Message me or click HERE if interested!

You can watch this video to learn more about what’s included in the 21 Day Fix and learn about my Challenge Group 🙂

***BONUS***  The 21 Day Fix is on SALE for the month of September! It’s just $10 more than purchasing Shakeology alone (did I mention Shakeology is the single most nutritionally dense, healthiest thing I eat/drink every single day? Worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!) And kids love it too…. 😉

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Take control of your health and fitness……YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

“3-Day Refresh” RESULTS!


Lately, I’ve been really wanting to do a detox or cleanse.  I try to eat fairly “clean” but fully realize that every once in awhile, it would be beneficial for a cleanse. Well, basically for the past 5+ years, I’ve been either pregnant or nursing (the latter category of which I presently fall into) so a detox is out of the question. So, what’s there to do when a new program comes out that I want to investigate?? Have Marv do the cleanse for me!

For starters, What is the 3-Day Refresh? Basically, it’s a non-starvation (yet low calorie) cleanse that allows you to detoxify your body while pumping nutrients and whole foods back into it – things that your body needs and CRAVES.  It consists of 1 Shakeology shake, 1 Fiber Sweep drink, and 2 Vanilla Fresh shakes per day in addition to 2 veggie options, 2 fruit options, 2 healthy fats choices and 3 optional caffein-free herbal teas.  Sounds like a lot of things right?!  The key here is eating not a whole lot at each sitting but rather eating 5 smaller portioned meals per day.  This fuels your body continually throughout the day – and fuels it with WHOLE foods in addition to the Fiber Sweep drink to help cleanse your digestive system and Vanilla Fresh shakes to load you up with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and protein (20 grams).  That Vanilla Fresh drink smells AMAZING too by the way…..

But enough of the specifics….What was the Refresh like??  Here are some pics of what Marv had to eat on each Day – Day’s 1, 2 and 3:
IMG_5280 IMG_5324 IMG_5297
Each day basically remained the same with just the 2 fruit options, 2 veggie options, and the dinner option changing.  What’s great about this cleanse is that there’s a huge list of approved fruits and veggies to choose from so if you like variety (or are picky about the fruits and veggies that you eat), there are a LOT of different things to choose from.  I spent less than $20 (keeping in mind I bought more than necessary for just Marv’s cleanse since we’re a family of FIVE…and the kids love their fruits…) but for under $20 I bought – carrots, cucumber, pear, banana, peach, apple, plum, and asparagus. The avocado (Healthy Fats choices) I already happened to have on hand from my parents’ neighbor’s tree so I figured I could easily use those (FREE!) vs budget for any of the other Healthy Fats options (almond butter, hummus, etc). Key here was prepping all his foods the night before so he could easily grab it and have it pre-portioned out and set to go.

Day 1 lunch on the Refresh (while holding a sweet sleeping baby):

Day 3 dinner (final meal!) on the Refresh:

Here were Marv’s take aways/thoughts for this Refresh: He normally drinks a Shakeology every morning so drinking one each morning of the Refresh was great to maintain his routine.  Initially, he was a bit concerned with the (small) portions of this cleanse (although he was pleasantly surprised with the total amount of food he was “allowed” each day since he was initially thinking cleanse = no food…).  His concern with the small portions was that he would be grumpy by days 2 and 3.  Turns out he didn’t turn into a grouch during the Refresh. (YAY!)  The Fiber Sweep drink wasn’t as bad as he though it would be.  Anything with the word “fiber” in it really, has that old person thought connection to it.  He got it down each day just fine – not having to struggle to get it down like he initially thought he would have to.  According to Marv, the Vanilla Fresh shakes were outright YUMMY! I didn’t try them but I did smell them and boy did they smell delicious!  They looked smooth and creamy and mixed up great in the plain old shaker cup (vs blender).  The 2 dinner meals that we tried were the Moroccan Carrot Salad and Roasted Asparagus with slivered almonds.  The Asparagus was a huge, tasty hit, but the Carrot Salad on the other hand was a big flop.  I think it was due to all the spices added (cumin, paprika, garlic, cinnamon, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, etc) – hey, I followed the recipe to a T!  It all comes down to personal preference though, and that Moroccan Carrot salad was NOT one of Marv’s favorites….  Marv drank the optional herbal teas about 1/2 the time and actually drank this tea in place of his daily coffee.  Although it doesn’t “replace” a good ole cup of coffee, it did fill that warm drink void for those 3 days (Marv is certainly looking forward to his morning coffee tomorrow though!)

Ok, ok, RESULTS….right??  Are you ready for this?  Without going into specifics with his actual weight and measurements…..I will let you know that in these past 3 days alone, Marv lost 5.2lbs and an inch off his waist!  (in 3 days…..) Here are his before/after pics (before on left, after on right). There are only very slight changes, but I can visibly see a minor “puffiness” change in him.  His body now looks more lean and toned vs puffy muscle toned.
IMG_5384 IMG_5386 IMG_5389 IMG_5390

Why take your “results” pic alone when you have 2 munchkins to join you!

Marv’s overall conclusion. This. Refresh. Works.  He said Day 1 was tough. He realized just how much he consumed in a typical day and it made him appreciated food SO much more – and understand just how true it is that food is FUEL for our bodies.  Towards the end, he said his tastebuds felt different (no processed foods and only minimal sea salt for seasoning) and he was no longer as hungry as Day 1 – his body was adjusting and knowing just what it needed to sustain itself.  He said although he wasn’t necessarily looking to cut weight, his body felt so much cleaner and lighter (5.2lbs lighter….). He felt FRESH. <—is that why it’s called the 3-Day ReFRESH? lol 😉

Interested in trying this cleanse for yourself? I’d love to give you more info on it, chat about it, or help you to order. Send me a FB message or go here to order your very own Refresh!

21 Day Fix Check in!

SO, I’m now 11 days into the 21 Day Fix program (or a little over 1/2 way there – woohoo!). I’ll be honest, it’s been tough so far! The fitness part – daily 30 min workouts – has been great, but what’s been the most challenging has been the nutrition portion! I’ve realized through this that I have very little self control….lol.

Let me rewind back to the start, all of 11 days ago.  I started this program with a weekly menu in hand (that I sat down and prepared the week prior to the start of the Fix), a fridge full of healthy ingredients, and a drive to finish what I was about to start!  My first few meals were SO basic! I wasn’t yet comfortable “mixing” foods (like good ole fashion stir-frys) or doing 1/2 container measurements, etc. I was very by-the-book, and left no room for modification. Well, that didn’t last very long!  1/2 way through that 1st week, I decided that I needed to have more variety and have FUN with my meals! For example, instead of just plain greek yogurt, why not mix it with a dash of cinnamon and a banana (or other fruit) to sweeten it up and make it feel like you’re eating a Chobani yogurt, or add in some chopped nuts and again some fresh fruit to make a mini parfait?  (All totally Fix approved)  Or experiment with those stir-frys – add ginger or coconut oil to boost natural flavors, mix in all sorts of different vegetables for different textures, and substitute brown rice (vs white) or a mix of purple and yellow sweet potato!  For me, eating is just as much about flavor as it is appearance.  I mean, who wants to sit down and eat a boring plate of “stuff”. If you can jazz it up and make it look fun and appealing, it no longer feels like a chore to prepare or eat “healthy” foods, but rather an exciting adventure.

All in all, the biggest thing nutrition-wise that I’ve so far been able to take away from this 21 Day Fix program is that my portions were WAY out of whack before! I was probably consuming 3-4x’s the recommended amount of carbs pre-program. What can I say?….I LOVE my breads – bagels, waffles, muffins, cereals!  It’s been hard to cut waaaaay back on these, but in doing so, I’ve noticed that I don’t feel as sluggish throughout the day.  Also, I never realized just how many processed food items I was consuming on a daily basis. My fridge now is fully stocked (vs my pantry), and I’m consciously making smart grocery purchases for not only me but for my family now as well.  It’s about a lifestyle change and in my wanting to eat better, and focus on CLEAN eating (vs lots of store-bought processed foods), my family is benefiting too.

Moving onto the fitness portion – at just 30 minutes for each workout, these are totally do-able!  I do my workouts just after the kids go to bed at night (since that’s the only uninterrupted time I get each day). I LOVE that there’s a count-down clock that stays at the bottom of the screen throughout the workout  so you can visually see each second ticking down 🙂 Every workout has a modifier (Kat), and she modifies all the moves to lower intensity ones.  I LOVE how every workout has a different group of people in it and they all look “normal”.  So often do you see programs where everyone is BUFF – this program is real and makes you feel like you’re working out in the crowd of other REAL people.  From their ethnicities, to body builds, to gender, and even to their clothes – I just feel so comfortable working out amongst my fellow video workout peeps. Also, Autumn does a great job at explaining and demonstrating every move before she begins the exercise.  This is lacking in some other programs and is a breath of fresh air in the Fix!  In sticking with these nightly 30 min workout sessions, my stamina has increased, and muscles I never knew I had have started to get a workout (i.e. they’re hurting).

Lastly, in what I’m sure is a carefully planned out combo of this fitness AND nutrition program, I’ve lost a whole entire pound! woohoo!  But in all seriousness, I’m convinced I’m gaining muscle where there was once jiggle and fat (so weight loss is not very important to me at all)  My clothes are fitting better, and I don’t have quite as much jiggle to my belly or thighs.  The weight doesn’t really matter a whole lot to me – what I focus on is how my clothes fit, and I’m excited to attempt to get into more of my pre-pregnancy clothes soon!  That alone is great motivation to continue with this program for the full 21 days, and to carry on portion controlled, CLEAN meals afterwards.

I look forward to checking in in another 10 days or so to weight in on my final thoughts on the 21 Day Fix program!

Interested in joining me on this 21 Day Fix journey? I’ll be doing it again in May and will be hosting a private FB Challenge Group for accountability, encouragement and motivation….did I mention I’ll be supplying yummy HEALTHY Fix approved recipes 🙂 Click HERE for more info on the Fix or comment below or send me a FB message!

“Fixin” it!

Today was Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix.  In case you haven’t yet read my previous blog posts on the 21 Day Fix (which you totally should by the way), the 21 Day Fix is a fitness and nutrition program geared to run for 21 days. It teaches clean, portion controlled eating, and throws in total body workouts too. People have been experiencing tremendous results on the Fix and in just 21 days, SO, I thought I’d finally give it a go – it’s my turn!

So, let me backtrack for a minute.  After having Monroe, I quickly lost most of my baby weight (within about 5 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight). Once my body readjusted to all the changes post birth, I did however gain a few lbs back. (typical for me to do after I have a baby – lose a lot, gain some back, then plateau there during the duration of me nursing my kids) Also, I must mention that I’ve just completed the Brazil Butt Lift program so I’m sure some of that weight is due to fat converting to muscle.  In any case, I’m “ok” with my current weight, but wanted to learn how to better fuel my body and choose wiser, more portion appropriate food choices.

Que the 21 Day Fix program!  In preparation of the start of the Fix, I spent last week reading/studying the Eating Guide and trying to best plan out my menu for this first week.  (Trying to utilize what we already had in the fridge, my variety wasn’t very interesting, but simple can still be yummy not to mention easy to prepare too 😉 )

So, here is a run down of what you can expect a typical day on the 21 Day Fix to look like (1200-1499 calorie plan – the book goes over how to calculate your ideal calorie range). Keep in mind there is a TON of variety for you to choose from- this is just what “I” prepared for myself today:

Breakfast:  greek yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon and 2 hard boiled eggs (I ate one for breakfast and 1 for a mid morning snack)

Lunch: Chocolate, PB, Banana shake – chocolate Shakeology with almond milk, ice, an apple banana, and a tsp of PB. I jazzed it up a bit and drank it from one of the German “steins” Marv brought back from his deployment 🙂
unnamed-1  unnamed-2

Afternoon snack: 10 baby carrots and about 1/2 a pear (1 purple container)
unnamed-11  unnamed-5 unnamed-6

Dinner: 10 asparagus spears, japanese eggplant, roast chicken (gotta love those Costco $4.99 chickens!), and brown rice.  This turned out to be a TON of food! Those containers may look tiny at 1st glance, but they’re surprisingly deceiving and fit a nice portion of food! And YES, yes I finished all of this.  🙂 Felt full and satisfied but not uncomfortably full afterwards.  By the way, the brown rice is in a ‘container tower’ in the pic…the actual portion was more than it looks, and I had already eaten about 3 asparagus spears and 1/3 of the eggplant before I took the pic…..so LOTS of food! 🙂
unnamed-7  unnamed-8 unnamed-9

After dinner, I dutifully completed my 1st 21 Day Fix workout. What I LOVE about these workouts is that they’re only 30 mins long. Autumn takes the time to really walk you through each move, and there’s a modifier for everything so you can go at your own pace. I broke a sweat with this workout and felt great afterwards!

Followed it up with my evening snack: an orange container of peanuts, and 12 almonds. Again, looks are deceiving! That tiny container turned out to be an adequate amount for me = enough to leave me satisfied instead of uncomfortably full.
unnamed-3 unnamed-4

My takeaway from today is that I typically eat a TON of carbs! I think that’s why sometimes I get so sleepy after eating. My energy levels were great today, I felt ZERO bloating or yuckiness, and I’m excited to move onto Day 2.  I feel like it’s a game – figuring out what to plan for the next day, using the cute color coded containers, and trying to get creative with meals.  So far I’m feeling great! I KNOW that everything I’m putting into my body is clean, unprocessed, fresh….FUEL for my body vs empty calories!

Ready to take the next step and JOIN ME on this road to eating right and getting healthy? Order your Fix HERE!  I’ll be doing the 21 Day Fix again in May, so be sure to order in April so you can join me and my Challenge Group!