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Balance Ball Chair….yep….Balance Ball Chair


Balance, Ball, and Chair – do all those words belong in the same phrase?  Well, apparently YES. A few months back, while my husband was still deployed, he added this random item to our Amazon shopping cart: a Balance Ball Chair. I thought it was the funniest thing – like an “as seen on TV” item…someone who apparently thought a balance ball would make an amazing computer chair and began marketing it.  After laughing for a little bit, I emailed him asking if he was serious about this “item”.  And well….yes, yes he was.

A few months went by (I think I removed it from our cart that same day it initially showed up in there) and low and behold, it shows up via my buddy UPS delivery guy early this week.  Kids of course were excited because this “thing” looks like a fun toy to bounce around on. I just had to shake my head and laugh…again.  Once set up, it resembled a bouncy ball throne – HOW COULD THIS THING POSSIBLY BE COMFORTABLE?!  Well…know that saying “never judge a book by its cover”?  —> Never judge a bouncy ball chair by its appearance!  This thing is squishy and comfortable, it helps with your posture and core muscles since you need to sit centered and balanced to keep from falling off (keeping your core engaged and your back straight), and it’s AH-MAZ-ING for rocking a newborn baby on it 🙂

Here’s my video review:  

Since I know you’re now just blown away by this ingenious invention – we purchased it (or rather my HUSBAND purchased it…) from Amazon and it’s called a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. The price at the time he got it was $55-ish but it constantly fluctuates, so my advice would be to stalk Amazon for a few days (or weeks even) to get the best deal/lowest price possible.  Currently it’s roughly $75.  Here’s the amazon link for more info! 🙂