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Who needs a gym membership…

…when you can build your own gym at home!  One of my goals for 2014 is to get in the best shape of my LIFE! So, once Marv got back from deployment, he set out to make my goal an accomplishable reality via setting up our very own home gym. Being pregnant at the time, expecting our 3rd, I knew that it would be pretty difficult for me to find the time (and child care) to venture out every day to a gym – not to mention the monthly or yearly gym membership fee.

Like many other things in this household – first stop: Craigslist! After a couple weeks of searching, Marv was able to find 2 huge wall mirror that someone was selling.  ($75 for the big one, and an extra $20 for a slightly smaller one that can be seen in the pic in back of our water heater). The main problem though was transportation! (from Hawaii Kai to Makakilo….so about a 1-1.5 hr drive away).  Too big to fit in our van, and not wanting to risk cracking it enroute, we decided to rent a big UHaul van. Half a day later, with lots of driving and moving those HEAVY mirrors to and fro, they made it safely into our garage!  Marv (being very mission driven to try to get as much accomplished before baby came) got right to it, watching YouTube videos to figure out how to anchor these mirrors safely onto the garage wall.  The next day, with proper mounting equipment in hand and our two kids watching from the windows of his car (they got to play inside while we worked in the garage) Marv and I got the big mirror up!


Here I am (veeeeery pregnant) holding the mirror against the wall as the glue stuff on the back dried, and as Marv went around attaching mounting hardware to it.  By the way, this was 2 days past my due date….I gave birth the very next morning!


We had originally wanted to mount both mirrors, but after spacing things out, we decided against it.  SO, what to do with it but list it back on Craigslist!  We bought this smaller mirror for $20 and quickly sold it for $50 🙂  Here’s the mirror safely mounted on the wall.  (After all this work, we found out about a week later that our next door neighbor installs custom mirrors for a living….go figure!)


Next came re-painting the floor with a non-slip coating. Now “this” step took a lot of prep.  We needed to entirely clear out the garage – shelving, washer, dryer, sink, EVERYTHING for 2 days while it was painted and dried. So much work, but great finished product!  I think Milo agreed…

IMG_2631 IMG_2629

Next came the Samsung TV screen and Pull Up Bar. (both from Amazon)

unnamed-1 unnamed-2

Followed by all the fixins – Samsung DVD player and wall mount shelves (from Amazon), workout mat holders, extra power strip to match our yellow/grey garage, and jumprope/resistance band/weight lifting belt holder hook (Home Depot). Can’t forget the Bose sound link and speakers too…

unnamed unnamed-3

And, voila! Our garage gym was formed! All together, we spent roughly $75-100 on coating the floor with a non-slip surface, $250-ish on the Samsung TV screen, an extra $50-ish for mounting hardware and connecting cables, $30 for DVD shelf, $35 for Samsung DVD player, $25 for misc hooks/holders and power strip, $95 for the 2 mirrors (sold one and made $50, so $45 out of pocket for our large wall mirror), and $100 for the UHaul truck rental.  We already had the Bose sound link and speakers, so total out of pocket after accounting for the money we made back from selling the smaller mirror, we spent roughly $600.  If we had more time, we would’ve searched Craigslist for a used TV screen – possibly saving close to $100-150, BUT, we wanted to get our home gym finished before Marv went back to work, so we bit the bullet and spent the money to buy new.

I’ve been using our “home gym” now for a week straight and LOVE it!
– It’s convenient for me to get a workout in once all 3 kids are in bed
– I don’t have to worry about paying for or finding child care since I’m still at home with the kids while I workout
– I can use the big mirror mounted on the wall to work on my form
– I don’t have to be self-conscious working out in a traditional “gym” since I can do it from the comfort of my own home!

All in all, we are happy with how everything turned out and are LOVING our new gym!