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Mini couponer here!

With all those episodes of “Extreme Couponer’s” nowadays, it gets one thinking “hey, I can do that too!” Or, “One of these days, I will be able to do that!” “Maybe I’ll get around to using a coupon next shopping trip.”  “Wait, how DO I use coupons exactly?” Or perhaps more aptly, “What the heck are they going to DO with ALL THAT STUFF?!”  I have to admit, I’ve thought all of the above at one point or another.

I love saving money where I can (within reason) and for me, couponing is right up my alley! I’ve been using coupons here and there now for years (especially when we lived in FL since things were so much cheaper to begin with, coupon values were higher than here in Hawaii, and subsequently, the deals were SO much better! Moving back to Hawaii, moving while here “in” Hawaii, adding another member to our family, etc etc….I’ve fallen off the couponer bandwagon.  YET, now that things are slowing down and I’ve been getting into a rhythm, I’ve been starting to slowly dip my feet into the coupon craze once again – stocking up on deals as I see them (or read about them). I fully understand that initially, the coupon world is overwhelming, confusing, and perhaps even a bit intimidating, so I want to start sharing my coupon deals when I can to break it down – everyone deserves to get these deals!  SO, here’s what I bought today, spending just $6.91 from one of my favorite stores, TARGET!…


Here’s how it breaks down:

– 2 L’Oreal Boost It Mousse $4.49 each
– 4 L’Oreal Lock It Hairspray $3.94 each
– 1 ultra soft, super comfy pair of hot orange lounge pants – on clearance at 70% off – for $7.18 (Yep, these pants alone cost MORE than what I paid out of pocket for EVERYTHING)

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Right now at Target, there’s a special where for every L’Oreal advanced hairstyle product you purchase, you would receive a FREE trial sized L’Oreal shampoo or conditioner. I could’t find them for the life of me, so I finally asked a manager and he said that their shipment of those “freebies” hadn’t arrived yet, so in lieu of that, they were taking $1 off of each product (where one of these freebies was advertised) at the registers (since those trial sized items are usually about $1 anyways). SO, this immediately brought the mousse down to $3.49 each and the hairsprays down to $2.94 each. Already pretty good deals!

From this point, without using any coupons, my total out of pocket should have been $26.91. But of course, this is a post about couponing right? So bring on the coupons!

If you go to Coupons.com, you’ll be able to find a L’Oreal coupon for $5 off 2 L’Oreal Advanced Hairstyle products. I printed 3 of these – 2 off of my computer and 1 off of my phone (you can print 2 of the same coupons per device, so I frequently print things from my computer, iPhone, and iPad if I find great coupons!). Since I was buying 6 L’Oreal products, I was able to use 3 of these $5 off coupons for a total of $15 off.  I always make sure to read the fine print on my coupons to make sure that you’re allowed to use multiple coupons in 1 transaction.  (Usually, it’ll state “no more than 4 of like coupons to be used in same transaction”.)  The last discount I used was a $5 off $15 personal care purchase via a Target Mobile coupon. In the personal care aisles at Target, there are signs posted all over the place about how to get these mobile coupons  (text “care” to 827438), then show the cashier the text barcode to scan. SO easy.  Once you sign up for those Target Mobile coupons – you’ll periodically receive texts with new offers. ALWAYS worth a browse….I’ve been able to get discounts on fresh fruits, veggies, paper products, detergents, etc…all on things I was going to buy anyways!

SO, here’s an overview on how my coupons broke down:
– Mousse (x2) – $4.49 x2 = $8.98
– Hairspray (x4) – $3.94 x4 = $15.76
– Super comfy sweats (on clearance) – $7.18
TOTAL before ANY discounts = $31.92

– $31.92-$6 (minus $1 on each L’Oreal product since they didn’t have the free trial sized items w/ purchase) = $25.92
– $25.92-$15 (3 $5 off 2 L’Oreal Advanced Hairstyle coupons) = $10.92
– $10.92-$5 (Mobile Coupon – $5 off $15 personal care purchase) = $5.92
-$5.92 +TAX (however the math for that factors in) = $6.91 TOTAL out of pocket.  Since the pants alone were $7.18 which is MORE than my end total, this means that I actually made money (to use towards those pants) from purchasing these 6 hair products. I’ll take “making” money while shopping anyday! Even if your Target has those trial items in stock (the free gift with purchase) and therefore isn’t taking off the extra $1 per item, you’ll still end up with free trial sized items, and spending about a buck (give or take) on each item.  That’s still a DEAL in my book!

Now, before you go thinking that I’m hoarding hairspray (and mousse), I just wanted to say that they’re not all for me! I barely even use hair product (aside from plain old shampoo/conditioner), but my mom does, and I’ll be delivering all these this weekend to her:

See, wasn’t that fairly easy? Who wouldn’t want to coupon and get free or super cheap items?! 🙂