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Must have newborn essentials!


In the world of baby, it seems like every other company these days is trying to make a quick buck off of new parents by marketing EVERYTHING as a baby “must have” item.  With Milo, I fed into that to a certain extent because I just had no clue! I read baby books, signed up for registries and followed their “suggested” items lists (that were endless!), and tried to read Amazon reviews as best I could. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BABY ITEMS ARE ON AMAZON by the way?!  Eye opening.


Well, 3rd time’s a charm right?  Being as this is our 3rd go round (refer to random pic above of all the kiddos), I feel that I’ve been able to pick up lots of 1st hand knowledge along the way. I’m still learning things as I go, finding new products here and there but feel that I’ve generally got a good grasp on what items worked for us and what other items just took up space and cost lots of money.

Hopefully this video can shed some light into what “I” personally have found to be newborn/baby essentials!  Amongst the world of baby gadgets and gizmos, these are all items that I definitely will keep purchasing with every subsequent baby or…..lets face it I will just SAVE all these items because it hurts to spend money on the same things time and time again when they’re used for such short periods of time…(and we want more kids 😉 )

* in the video I think I called the nursing pillow My “best” friend nursing pillow….that should be “My BREST friend nursing pillow”