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Not your everyday homemaker…

Since moving into our house last May, I’ve been enjoying myself doing home-maker-ish things. So far, I’ve sewn the kids Halloween costumes (we were superhero’s in case you couldn’t tell…
Superhero kids! Handmade costumes  superhero family Handmade costumes

I’ve made the kids play capes:

Made the kids cuddly minky blankies:
IMG_8627 IMG_8620

And taggie lovies too:
IMG_8652 IMG_8657

Can’t forget the curtains for the living room:

And refurbished LOTS of furniture (that will need its own blogpost sometime in the future) So, what “homemaker-ish/DIY” project did I set out to do next? Well, on this weeks’ agenda: homemade, hand painted, RULER growth chart naturally!  Sand, stain, carefully hand paint, and seal….this one took a little bit just sitting there caaaaarefully hand painting all those #’s! I guess it was a labor of love though because I LOVE the finished product!
unnamed-6  unnamed-7 unnamed-8  unnamed-9
And wouldn’t you know, it fit perfectly between the kids’ rooms upstairs. 🙂 Looking forward to tracking their heights throughout the years and being able to take this mobile growth chart with us should we ever happen to move. (My height chart growing up was drawn directly on the wall which meant once the house got painted…there went all our heights)

Next up, picture wall along the stairway. I’ve always wanted something like this, but did you ever realize just how many PICTURE FRAMES you actually need?! So a few years ago, I started randomly collecting them. Yard sales, clearance sections in stores, other random finds, and slowly, throughout those years, I’ve been able to amass a small collection.  My objective was to build an economical, mish-mash of picture frames that were similar yet all different – different sizes, different finishes, different styles – and I think I was able to accomplish my vision. 🙂 Still a work in progress – our family is growing and so will the picture wall – but loving it so far!
unnamed-3  unnamed-5   unnamed-1  unnamed-4

 This picture was taken at the airport the day Marv deployed – I bet Maya wanted daddy to pack her up and take her with him!

Anyways, over the past year, I’ve really been honing my homemaker ways 🙂  Now just trying to think what I should do next. Thoughts?